The documentation is automatically generated from a combination of restructured text files and code docstrings by sphinx and sphinx-gallery.

Narrative documentation

The narrative documentation (including this file!), and the overall structure for the documentation is stored in psipy/docs. The sub-directories store the narrative documentation, and the docs directory stores the configuration for building the documentation ( and the index file for the homepage (index.rst).

API documentation

The API is documented within individual documentation strings (docstring), that live by the code itself in psipy/psipy. The documentation for these is then automatically generated in psipy/docs/api.

Building locally

To install the requirements for building the docs locally, from the psipy source directory run:

pip install .[docs]

To build the docs locally, change to the docs folder, and run:

make html

Hosted builds

The documentation is automatically built and hosted by readthedocs every time a new commit is pushed to the ‘main’ branch on github.